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Storyteller's Universe is a collection of short stories about people who struggle to find themselves in the world they live in.

I'd like you to ignore the rest of this introduction and hop right in completely blind:

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But since you're still reading, you are either not afraid of spoiling your experience or need a bit more convincing — that's okay — but if you're simply curious what the rest of this text says, please, you can come back here after you read some stories, I am not going anywhere.

Storyteller's Universe is a collection of short stories set in a modern world where magic, folklore and cryptids are all real. Each story follows a specific character or two and their struggle to live among the weird.

There are anomalies, artifacts, shadow organizations, demons, angels and other unexpected and otherwordly creatures — all making moves big and small in a world that exists outside of the view of regular folk.

I have started this project to finally put on paper the multitude of ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for years. There is chaos inside my skull and I wish to share it with you.

This is a worldbuilding project first and foremost, however I like to put on a character-first approach when it comes to writing — Therefore I ended up writing stories about the events within this world from the perspective of those who must live in it.

While I may plan a story in advance, I have no idea where the overarching plot may go. I am improvising, you may be familiar with the term 'pantser' and that is what I am. In a way you're joining me on this writing journey as a passenger.

My main inspirations are SCP Foundation, Men in Black, Alan Wake, Control, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, X-Files and more superhero movies than I can bother to list here. I must also mention here H.P. You Know Who and J.K. Sadly Her As Well, whose works certainly influenced me before I got the opportunity to find out who these people truly were. By the way, Black Lives Matter and Trans Rights Are Women's Rights respectively.

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Every week I post a new scene continuing the current story - Saturdays, around evening 8pm CET. Sometimes earlier if I know I won't be around on Saturday, sometimes later if life surprises me. I'm only human.

I have tried my best to make each story, even each scene, able to stand on its own without the context of the overarching plot or worldbuilding. I would love for you to read everything in order from start to finish, however starting from the latest story or picking scenes at random should be possible and not too confusing. Explore, have fun.

Oh, and there are furries. Fuck you or you're welcome, your choice.

Enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.
~ ~ Patches

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